This was taken by the Williamsburg Waterfront. I am wearing my white fur coat from NastyGal, blue jean skirt from Charlotte Russe, and black combat boots from Tilly’s. This look matches the spring weather, as it’s becoming warmer within the month.


I’m featured in ClicheMag’s Street Style page on their February/March 2017 issue! Make sure to check out their website, as well as their new issue on It’s $1.99 for a digital print, and $27.80 for a hardcopy.

If you didn’t know, my work has been featured in FishFood Magazine’s website. They are an online indie magazine that introduces readers to all kinds of expression and talents. They collect a variety of art, literature, music, film, and photography. Since printing is expensive, they are collecting donations in order for them to print their first issues. Make sure to check out their website, along with my work followed by the link:…/art-pieces-by-annie-lian