This 24×36 canvas painting was inspired from attending my first yoga class. I used acrylic paint as the main medium. I wanted to use serene colors; the background looks like a distinct image of a sunset by the water. The abstract image in the middle is supposed to represent a person meditating. Instead of painting a person meditating, I wanted to create a symbol by using shapes to represent a person. The purpose of this painting is to give a sense of higher power, self awareness, and a soothing sensation to the viewer.

I was given these old skateboard decks, and decided to refurbish and redesign them myself. I cut out magazine pages and glued them onto the first deck of the right photo, and drew palm trees on tops of that with sharpie and micron pens. I repainted the second skate deck and added a rose image in the middle, followed by Chinese characters around that. I also added the red drips on top by putting red acrylic paint and polymer into a squeeze bottle and applying that on the board.

If you didn’t know, my work has been featured in FishFood Magazine’s website. They are an online indie magazine that introduces readers to all kinds of expression and talents. They collect a variety of art, literature, music, film, and photography. Since printing is expensive, they are collecting donations in order for them to print their first issues. Make sure to check out their website, along with my work followed by the link:…/art-pieces-by-annie-lian