Photo Collage II

This is another photo collage that I created with a more complex process. I took digital photos around Dumbo, printed out the pictures – all from different sceneries, cut the photos out and manipulated them by creating multiple sceneries into one. Once I finished cutting and gluing the pieces of photos together- I decided to move the collage around in a scanner, which caused the distorted movement viewed from the left side of the collage.


Photography: Cristina Mirao

This shoot was a collaboration between FIT students. I wore and modeled for Melon Wong, a Fashion Design student’s collection called “Solidarity.” These photos were photographed by Cristina Mirao, a photography student; and, the makeup was done by Maya Browne.





This was taken by the Williamsburg Waterfront. I am wearing my white fur coat from NastyGal, blue jean skirt from Charlotte Russe, and black combat boots from Tilly’s. This look matches the spring weather, as it’s becoming warmer within the month.